Swampy Memories & Worn out Bubble Gum.

Swamp Shadows
Originally uploaded by Angie Mason
The trees are in me.
They grow out of me into you.
I am a risen swamp queen dream
all full of rotten fungus
singing for your smile
poison fills this belly
poison fills spills over
on to dirt road paths
making mud and pot holes
over flow with brown
shimmer pools of dirty baths
waiting for birds to sit.
I am a rock bottom
dirt road back road princess
deep down over grown
with snakes and roots and weeds
entangling me
holding me in place.
Swampy days of passed plays
swim over minds memory
and its so far away now
its so far away
it's fading from sight
and my sight is fading from life
as I see the blurs and flashes
more and more...
and these things keep growing in me
blossoming up growing outward
pushing me downward
taking over my body
soon they will be all there is
and I...I will return
to the trees,swamps and river
sinking down deep
with the rock bottom dwellers
You can find me there
with rusted bicycle by my side
and worn out bubble gum
legs spread scraped knees
with a muddied up dress on.

©Angie Mason 2008

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