Painting Le Brains out.... working on work for Cannes and stuff....

As you saw from my last post I am taking part in the amazing Fusion 5 Festival. Currently Spending pretty much any time I have working on new works to be done in such a short time I am running on high octane or something to keep my energy up to work work and work ^___^ Just finished with the Flu then bronchitis sooo i am hoping I am totally over being sick... I know a girl can dream but right now I am just focused on paints. typically when its a solo show I wouldn't post any images of the work till the show ... but Man i am just too excited for this show... and its an Art Festival not a solo show... even though I get my own room which is really a solo showing of sorts having my own angie world I will make within one of the amazing fucking brilliant rooms at Hotel 3-14 That place blows my mind! I think I should wear diapers when I go there since I am pretty sure when I see how beautiful everything is I will shit my pants with super happiness... Ok... soooo yes with that here is a photo of one of my walls in my studio that pretty much has a good bulk of the work for Cannes on it.... the other walls are TOP Secret for September's solo show but can I tell you guys a secret the work for the September show is also getting me excited ^___^ I think its going to be a super great one! IN the mean time back to work for me... this is just in between some dry time. Babbling on this stupid box for some reason helps me not quite sure why... but I enjoy me a good day bloggin' oh totally random memory recently on line at a supermarket the man in front of me was buying some funny items... 2 towels,a hammer and about boat load of bar soap. hmmmmm my mind can have some fun with that shopping list.

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