Let Rotted Teeth Rot ... Viva la Rot!

Recently I was so super happy to hear that the very talented actress and writer Amber Tamblyn wanted some Rotten Tooth Earrings of her own...

Just the other day she sent me a photo of her wearing her pair of my darling grotesque Rotten Tooth Earrings ! Her ears are a perfect home for them even though that tooth's face is sad I KNOW how happy he is to be hanging there!

I have a bunch of additional Rotten Tooth Earrings I will be adding to the Angie Mason Art Shop but there are still some left that are currently up right now if you want a pair of your own. If this is for the holidays please place all orders on anything before Dec. 17th pretty please!

More designs for improper earrings are on my work table as I type this and you won't believe your ears when you see them! I promise. Also COMING SOON! more art prints and of course more paintings,drawings and art objects stay tuned!
Sugar coated sticky kisses,


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