Killing time - Oh the Memories... just a silly slide show with art and photos.

Preparing the studio and my mind for the next body of work. Currently just purging out my clutter from my studio and brain and always looking back in order to look ahead it's Just part of my process. There is an anxious feeling an anticipation for really beginning the whole process again for making a show or rather a new body of work. Not sure yet of my plans once I officially know where the work will be and when it will be scheduled I will make the proper announcements. Right now it's all about laying the blueprints and building a foundation planting seeds to grow my visions.... I think I will get in my garden and dig in the dirt that always helps me clear my brain and riding the old bike and taking pictures and dreaming and living and traveling and and and well everything... I need to hone in and focus on my points of interests so many I have in my brain... it overwhelms me at times. YOu know when you have sooo much information or ideas it can almost cripple you... i just have to pick my direction and begin the journey. I always am drawing and painting in my sketchbooks but I am seriously in withdrawal from painting a final work... its only been a very short while but I am getting a case of the shakes from needing that paintbrush in my hands on to the canvas. But currently I am purging and finding my balance again as I feel a bit off and need to find my center again before starting back up. Ah the pains in my brain from too much thinking I am going to go home tonight and stand on my head that helps and listening to a waterfall yes. That is my medicine for clearing the clutter fucks from my head. Off I go in to the smog filled highways to journey home try not to breath in to much I feel the pollution taking over my body... yes scary toxic shockers! Well get on with the nostalgia and check out that slide show and then get on little doggy and get git gone.

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