Christina Graf and her beautiful worlds...

Please meet the wonderful Christina Graf ... She is my very special guest artist I have invited to be a part of my show coming up in Berlin which opens this July 13th. Here is a just a taste of her marvelous, delicate, intricate and intimate boxed worlds.... she also makes lovely paper sculptures such as paper dresses and paintings as well. You can visit her on myspace to see some more of her work. I would give you her website but she is still working on that.... ^___^ soon soon.

So the Art dorks opening was last night... lots of fun took pictures but still have to get them on my computer. Saw lots of new and old faces which just put me in such good spirits. One of the nicest things about showing your work publicly is it how it brings people together. That is probably my favorite part of the whole experience as far as the opening and show goes.

It's really not always about the selling of work (Though I am sure there are way too many who disagree) but but but... I feel like you have to make work that first gives you joy or satisfaction. I like the idea of work starting out as just for you intimate not meant for anyone else until you are ready to release it for others to see. I understand that people try to make a living off of art but then it turns more commercial which is fine there is a place for that work but for me personally I want my work to remain sacred in a way not driven by having to sell but driven by what I want to say or what I am feeling at that moment. Selling is nice but I don't want it to suck out my soul with having to do it. I think this goes for a lot of things in life when anything becomes obligatory there is really no joy ... it gets lost. For me I have to make art no matter what... it is what gives me peace in this world. Shows are great selling too but in the end if there are no more galleries or money coming from selling art.. THE GREATEST Thing is making the work and finding happiness in that that is what makes me full inside the rest is really just fringe.

I know very well money is a necessary evil to survive... I have made choices in my life that I feel keep my as balanced as I can be with it all working a full time job to keep me stabilized. And really isn't it a shame we live in this world of economy...sometimes it seems everything is economics even in the arts or should I say especially. And in this funny economic world we live most artists who are known mostly for not being rich yet are expected to pay for so many things. As artists in this modern world it's truly a struggle to be able to do this thing that we love but in fact the artist will continue on because of that love. In the end for myself at least it's not driven by the dollar it's driven by the love of creating & making things.

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