Another Show Promotion for My Upcoming Solo Show!

Angie Mason Solo Show Life Sore Spores Promotion

It's about 3 weeks now left till I leave for Berlin! I have a bunch of things to finish up and I am working as best I can without falling over which I did do earlier this evening... I sat on my one leg and it fell asleep then I got up and fell....haha... Last time I had a solo show I remember writing a certain entry about falling out of my chair... I guess having a solo show and an international one at that does that to a person well at least me... ^__^ SOOO excited and soooo much to get done to have it as perfect as it can be. I have been documenting the whole process and journey with movies, and photo and notes etc I am planning once I am back from it all I will put everything together in some kind of movie documini art thing cause that shits fun to do plus as long as I live long enough with all this falling over I don't know anymore but but but if I do manage to make it to be elderly well I think looking back on stuff like that is great. Everyone should make life documinis of themselves and save them for later... Well we all pretty much already do with blogs and online profiles.... but be sure to print them out or back them up... since I wonder what our futures will look like hmmm post apocalyptic no honey bees or frogs or oil left Yeah maybe I wont make it too old age since we all seem to be spiraling out of control with wars, pollution, hatred... you name it and I say the take over is killing me indeed. But for now at least I can try to make myself happy making some documini's.


lunara said...

hola.. hallo.. hehe.. good luck with your solo.. i would like to go.. but.. so far.. : (... well.. i hope the photos to see your great event.. (sorry about my english 8) )... warm regards..

Angie Mason said...

Thank you for the warm wishes!!! The show was fantastic and I love Berlin! I need to go back soon!

lunara said...