Taking a Break from Painting to do some more painting and umm some other stuff too....

Click on the image to read all the intrigue and insanity.... Do you have what it takes to click it.. go on you know you want to... It will feel good I promise and it totally won't be harmful in any way. Would I ever hurt you come on you can trust me. I'm pretty convincing aren't I ... Yeah your damn right I am now click that shit and get on with it.


Jane Wynn said...

LOVE your parasites!

*I made something today- and as I made it- I thought of you... (Visit my blog on typepad to see...)


Angie Mason said...

AWWW thanks lady! Omg and I LOVE the tooth necklace how sweet and down right awesome of you to think of me when you made it.... Now I really really want to own that necklace. ^___^

jenny holiday said...

Hey there!! Thanks so so much for your super sweet words on my blog!! So nice of you to visit my tiny corner of blogland!!

Aaron was happy to see you guys. He said the party was super fun! Sadly due to my "mental oatmeal status" I could only be there in spirit! : ) I am working on it...maybe next party...

Your world is as fabulous as ever!! Loving everything to bits!! Your crazy cupcake is toooo fun! Love it! I will be sure to stop by often!!

Where on earth do you find the time..my goodness!! And you have a full time job too huh? I'm gonna go all gram-ma on you here when I say "God Blesha!"

anyhoo...Hope you guys are doing great! Can't wait to see what you have in the works!!

Happy Spring!!

xoxo Jenny

Angie Mason said...

Jenny!! aww thank you for checking out my little corner of blogland as well ^___^ I hope to see you sooner than later and hope you are doing much better now. We all have our moments in life... Through out it though I see you are leaning on your wonderful creativity which is sometimes some of the best medicine. Anyone reading these comments should go look at jenny's blog cause she is so charmingly awesome and it will totally make you want to eat cupcakes and tea.