A bit of nostalgirrhea ...its like a sickness. Once you start its just keeps flowing out ward pouring memories making a mess....

So tonight I was going through some old files and found some funny cute poem jots I made almost 10 years ago! They tickeled my fancy reading through them so I thought to post some here to share for my invisible audience... oh and a screen shot of MY FIRST EVER WEBSITE FROM 1996 when I was 22 or 23...It's crude but really so was the entire web back then.. This was before flash though it was still all animated interactive little critters they hopped around in animated gif splendor...I am not sure many people were even on the internet back then... I am a web geek I guess. No one really needs to know this but when has that ever stopped me...I remember going into online chats on delphi back in like 95 for the xfiles... I guess I shouldn't admit that huh. Oh well I guess I just ruined my street cred.

Onto the poem jots.... All the words are by me
© Angie Mason....

Poem # 1...
Blurry Eyed Betty

Blurry eyed Betty can't see at all
She's always bumping into walls

Turn a corner missed the door
Now she's out cold on the floor

She's going to goto the doctor in town
But since she can't see
It's nowhere to be found

Blurry eyed Betty trips falling through life
Why, on the day of her wedding
She missed being a wife

She wears lots of bandaids on account of her cuts
She tries to be careful but ends up in ruts

As she tries to go here but ending up there
All because of her blurry eyed stare

Poem # 2...

If I Had Eyes In The Back Of My Head

If I had eyes in the back of my head
I could be in two places at once.

Ahead and behind
all at the same time...

If only this could be true.

One pair could look up
the other look down...
one set to the left
one to the right...

Having four eyes
would be outta sight!

Unfortunately for me
it is not true.
This leaves me feeling
rather blue.

As you see
I only have three.

It's such a disgrace...
they're all on the very
front of my face.

Poem # 3...

Sweet Me Soup

bubbles bubbles
soapy soup
grab a spoon
and take a scoop

yummy scrumptious
bubble broth
lightly seasoned
not to hot

bubbly bubbles
start to brew
what could it be
Inside this stew?

Out I pop, open wide
it's sweet me soup
I cooked tonight.

Original Recipe - Angie Mason

And Finally for now... Poem # 4...

The stinky fish
sat on my dish
With a clothes pin clamped
to it's nose
I wish that I wore one
The fish knew so well
what a horrible hideous
oderiferous smell!

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