The Medical Art Prints of Everett Ormsby Hokes

I Am in LOVE with his prints and would hope one day to acquire one as well as see them in person as I have not yet. I just wish I had higher quality samples of them but have not found them yet... I will keep on the look out but wanted to post these because I just absolutely adore them. I know late last year he had a exhibit of his medical prints at a college in Upstate New York but that was just too far for me to make it too :( I tried calling the gallery to get more info on the show but alas no one ever got back to me.


Some Info on the artist I found is right here for anyone else who cares to know of this man with his wonderful visionary eye for anatomy and how great to see that early surrealists such as Max Ernst collected Hokes.


As proprietor of Hokes Scholarly Lithography from 1901 to 1933, Everett Ormsby Hokes published a wide range of scientific books and manuals. After studying painting and graphics at the London Academy of Fine Arts, Hokes worked as an apprentice in two London print houses in the 1890s. Aside from required courses in figure drawing, he had no specialized training in medicine or medical illustration, which occasionally created obstacles to the acceptance of his work in the academic community.


However, the inventive and whimsical designs, which combined elements of aesthetic beauty and the grotesque, have made these works popular among amateurs and artists alike.

Hokes Medical Archive

Hokes Medical Archive

His prints were collected by Guillaume Apollinaire and other artists associated with the Surrealist movement such as Max Ernst and Hans Arp.While his work covered a range of subjects, he developed an international reputation for his depictions of rare internal diseases and anatomical anomalies.


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