Circles are my favorite shape.

Twirling about in this circular maze of life drawing out many smaller circles within this giant circle of existence. Circle of life orbiting parallel to one another. Universes colliding reality points, meeting up to create the circles end completion.Full rotation we have come and now we begin again how will this circle form do we follow the same point traveling the circle's path together or do our points split again? We start at the beginning point of knowing each other and draw out our lives path going in different directions we part for now then merge further down the path creating our circle. Circles are perfect in balance sometimes seeming empty or sometimes full which is just like life is. Circle circle dot dot dance around the spot to form a perfect shape and meet you again at the end point of our circle.

Circle haze and daze about in my mind I draw a line. At the beginning point is you and I, then I go left and you go right swooping twirling off into life. We spin around at a dizzy pace days go past cycling out and we grow older the tick tock time line draws us closer to the the end of meeting points of us and all we know. Our lives are meshed and at circular best when combined and intermingled. A wholeness, a fullness the circle complete brings to mind a state of peace and oneness. The circle is also the end, the symbol of a journey taken, the death of a well traveled path and the beginning of a new one is about to form much like the life of cells producing and dividing into new ones, Mitosis of circles form experiences and its constantly splitting off into new circular directions at all times. Until the big circle of the individuals life has come full circle and game over.

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