THumbs Up...

SOOOO I AM Currently working on ornaments for Art Star Gallery some severed Thumbs among others little treats and on top of that I am also working on finishing up Two new paintings for Strychnin Gallery NYC grand opening show at the end of October (sooo excited for that show and I am excited for these new paintings)... oooo and on top of all that I just got my Nade figure in the mail to paint for the Operation Fragmentation show..... color me busy! Now I gotta figure out painting on one of these Vinyl figures and what to paint ^____^

I just shipped out more artwork this morning todays packages are all heading for the west coast for some California shows coming up. I will be happy to hear all the art makes it in one piece. ok...Its so amazing outside I think I need to go the park and sit on the swings. mmmm hmmm sounds like a plan.

Thumbs Up

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