I Just Blogged All Over MYself....

Chompers McGee

Gray rainy day gloom fest over here... but I am doing better than earlier this week... I Had A crazy time with one of the packages I sent off to the Galleries... When I tracked it to see how it was doing it said it was delivered in Puerto Rico!!! It was supposed to be going to California... I was immediately on the phone with the post office in P.R. saying No WAY Jose about my package (the postal workers name was actually Jose conveniently enough).... I have to say during all this nonsense the people in the post office in P.R. vs. The People in Ca. Post office well P.R. totally kicks the crap out of Ca. with being friendly and nice. I am not just saying that either cause I am part Puerto Rican....

SOOO what happened to my art which was a load of stuff that If I lost it would of cost me and made me totally sad but but but wait... sooo Finally I get in touch with The gallery in California A couple days after I have been Freaked out over this and they make ME SOOO happy and tell me my package came it actually was in the end was delivered to the wrong place but wrong in Californina is so much better than wrong puerto rico....so my package still ended up next door to the Gallery at a women lingerie shop in stead... so The Gallery folks went and picked it up...

Ok so what happened was really retarded and annoying the tracking sticker they stick on boxes with that fancy little bar code apparently came off and some awesome postal worker plopped it back on but to a different package one that was heading to P.R.

tonight tonight I will continue work on my Nade figure which I will post my progress on here (My first vinyl figure I painted)... what else can I vomit all over my journal about well...Today I slept in my car down by the river on my lunch break cause I was really tired oh tomorrow night is the Halloween group show at MF Gallery should be fun I will post photos I am sure of that. OK all you people who are me reading this thing I am I am off to pee cause I drink too much tea.

XX Signing Out, Retard Jones! XX

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