'Sour Loser (In A Bit of A Pickle)' ©Angie Mason 2006

'Sour Loser (In A Bit of A Pickle)' ©Angie Mason 2006
16x20 Acrylic on Canvas

This past week I feel like I have had a frog knawing at my belly landing myself in the E.R. getting lots of tests done just to find out I am stressed and have a nervous belly. No surprise there. I felt like I was watching some tv show medical dramedy but like the more slowed down version that had huge gaps in between interesting moments which I filled up with drawing lucky for me I had my sketch book with me... maybe I will post a sick sketch doodle I did later on when I am up to scanning.

So during my tv show life at the hospital there were quite a few characters there including a loud mouth drunk bike rider and well me cause I am a character I got to play the cute sick girl with no socks.There was even the Dr. that looks like a model who gives people bad news but its ok cause he is so good looking it doesn't matter that they are going to die since his hair is to die for anyway. Oh p.s. Dont ever drink Barium sulfate its the worst! I should of never did my own stunts in this show! OH Why cant we have standins in real life that would be nice.

Anxious time passer waiting to leave for today and go play with snail on his bday!

Ok my show just got cancelled so i am off : end transmission

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Cate said...

Very nice pickle. His expression is perfect.

I very nearly wound up in the ER in high school for the same thing. My mom thought my apendix had burst, but it turns out I was just nervous about finals. The pain was pretty excruciating, like someone had punched me in the gut. Since then, I've been trying to calm down a bit, but it's harder than it looks. Good luck with your tummy, and please pass along any tips you find for taming it.