Oh if only I had 8 arms....

Octopus Girl Visual Object
Originally uploaded by Angie Mason.
and while I am at it how about some eyes in the back of my head so i can get more done faster.... time seems to fall fast when you are trying to get things done and nothing seems to get done when you try so hard... so perhaps I should just hibernate and time will slow down? Nah it never slows down until your dead ^____^ It would be nice if I was able to sleep like 2 hours a day instead of the 6 to 8 my body seems to need to function properly. Ah yes I am full of words today I got words filling me up congested conjugation congregation inside my lungs and tip of tongue... the pictures are stale and my heart is pale what can one do when put on the spot? Abrubt self destruct sick belly bloat? Words fall failing a mush of sound spilling out the songs are muted and the sentences are thick with nonsense. Pictures are building up residue the visions begin to form and soon shall spill over until then I will mop up this mess of word leaks.

This Sculpture pictured is an Octopus Girl Visual Object variation I did which will be for sale in my store which is very close to being done... just takes a bit of tweeking technical stuff which is a pain but I hope to get it up soon soon soon... I need a functioning shop section on my website the one I have now is way to convoluted.

End Of brain burp.

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