I aint afraid of no ghosts ^_____^ fun article on my artwork...

Hmm well over all this is a great article though I will say for the record the House Broken show is not actually about my apparent haunted house...I plan on eventually posting the original interview just because its interesting to see how writers really change words and can wind up presenting you in a completely different way than you expected... but Never the less its press and a great positive piece so all in all I am really happy... if I were to edit this piece I would just take out the one main line about House Broken Being inspired by my "Haunted" House. I never said its haunted, SPOOKY YEs, Haunted no ^____^ Go read the art statement on house broken which is in one of my older blog posting and see more what I was thinking about in regards to House Broken if you care to delve a bit deeper.

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