Soul Selling....

I always feel like a mother dressing her children to go out and play in the snow when I pack up my artwork to ship out ....bundling each piece with corner mittens to protect them from breaking and wrapping them endlessly in bubble wrap... then throwing popcorn all over them, you know'cause mothers always are throwing popcorn on their children. These babies are packed up and ready to go play out in the world. I am proud of them and will miss them... but as long as they are truly making someone happy then that is what matters most to me...And from the letters I received from their new parents I dont have anything to worry about... they are going to be loved. ^____^

I actually enjoy spreading my work around as much as possible... I like to think of my work as angie germs which I am infecting the world with...that makes me feel better about letting the work go too.

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