2017 Post Mortem Reflection

Happy New Year! I am just taking a moment to gather some memories and visual impressions of my 2017. I find reflection an important part in not only feeling grateful for all in my life butt also it is helpful in thinking about how to move forward knowing where and what you have done. 

Well 2017 really began as so dark and depressing, a strange at many times dystopian and unbelievable backwards year with so much chaos in our country and the world ... yet we also had so many beautiful moments full of unity pushing towards progress! 

Now moving into 2018 I still feel very much on that same path #resisting being aware involved and voting every single time making calls writing letters. Basically doing whatever it takes to make my voice heard as well as and more importantly appreciating nature -  respecting it, loving friends and family taking time to be with them, basically honoring and holding our lives up the best way we can. We never know how long we have so making sure to take all that you love in life from family, friends, music, art and travel and leaning into that to feel as whole and full in your heart as you can. 

Also having an open heart to spread love and kindness and help to those in need from all the unbelievable storms like Maria. This has been a difficult year for so many, so much loss. But what I always find so heartening is seeing the unity seeing people come together to help each other raise those up who need to be lifted even when it feels like our government has imploded eating its own tail not doing or saying a damn thing to help. 2017 has also awakened many I know politically and just making sure their voices are being heard. 

Here is to 2018 continuing toward healing, progress, a shift overall in attitudes and culture to how women are treated, how immigrants are embraced, how greed is called out and held accountable, how gun violence is addressed finally, How we can rebuild from all the storms destructive paths, and really how we the people can move forward in love away from small minded hate and violence. My heart is full and open and so full of fire ready to keep fighting toward a better future, a future that embraces kindness, fairness and openness. Call me a dreamer but I won’t have it any other way. I always believe in this dream! 

Things I was grateful for in 2017:
Travel - Getting to witness totality in Wyoming for the great American solar eclipse of 2017! I loved all of Wyoming the varied landscape spoke to my heart the air felt crisp in my lungs my mind felt greater clarity I was amazed at our countries beauty getting not only the chance to explore all of Wyoming but traveled to South Dakota to see the Black Hills,  Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore and the Badlands! I felt a deeper connection to this countries history having stepped foot of the same grounds so many early settlers and natives live/ lived on. 

Art - being able to create my personal visions and share them with people has been one my life’s great experiences. My heart is so full when this process comes full circle of art making then sharing. I was fortunate enough to have some wonderful exhibitions including having a booth at Five Points Festival. I felt so proud of that presentation of my work and just felt like I leveled up with my booth display. So grateful to Sarah my booth mate and fellow artist for splitting the booth with me! I also felt pride in standing up for things I believe in politically and using my art to help those in need or to raise up my voice through my visual protests... making the cover page of  USA Today to name one of the bits of press I was part of. So proud to be part of the resistance fighting for truth and democracy. 

Family and Friends - time spent with all who I cherish just fills my heart with joy and is the priceless memories created and bonds deepened every moment we were given together. I know I am a big sap but it's true :) 

Healing and progress going forward away from  2017 struggles both  personal and collectively are what 2018 will encompass - this healing progress towards more kindness compassion growth and fruition. I want to hone in on my personal ideas and bring them full circle. I want to keep helping when I can healing wounds and getting stronger and just fill my heart with joy and love feeding my mind and body with soul nourishment for true progress. Shed dead disheartening skin and move into the light float full hearted into a new space and time where more peace and love truly exists. 

 I Hope 2018 is a year focused on the light, loves & passions of your life! Burn those fires bright lighting our way out of darkness! Let’s get ready to shine  😘✌🏻❤️#Hello2018 #HappyNewYears #HappyNewYearsEve #2018 #LifeIsOn#LightUp2018 #RiseAndShine ‬

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