JUST RELEASED! Weathered Souls Totem - LTD ED. Artist Pin Signed and Numbered!

Weathered Souls Totem - LTD. Edition Artist Pin signed and numbered. 

Limited Edition of 100 signed and numbered hard enamel pins. Weathered Souls Totem - 1.5" High by 1" wide Hard enamel with rain blue spot glitter. All signed Angie Mason etched and laser numbered on back side. double pin with rubber holder. Raised Black Nickel plating along with lovely stormy bright colors give this a magical jewel like look. Anything you adorn this with will have 100% chance of looking fabulous.
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The Weathered Souls totem was created with the intention to help guide you along during difficult life storms it represents clarity, emotional balance and creative energy. Weathering the storm keeping in form. Clarity may be found when you feel your vision is clouded, may extra vision help open you up and guide your way through difficult times. PainDrops absorb all of life's sadness and pain helping wash away the grayness of life giving balance and calm after a storm. Electric heart center jolts of creative energy flows freely and brightly keeping a fire and electric center full of passion for life and creation. This weathered souls totem is moving through social systems and is expected to last through life. Heavy at times. <3 p="">

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