A work space to love and call my own...

 New year and new studio things to get the year started right! I put together this fantastic flat file storage cabinet. I love it! I have my matching window awnings up with cute scalloped edges... hand made goodness.

There were a ton of pieces putting this together I won't lie it was pain in my ass but so worth it in the end! It's great to have my art work organized and safely stored away! Having a clean inviting space always just makes me want to make more work and just excites me to be in that space. 

Coming this Valentines Day I will have work in a show in Italy at Viola Box Gallery! Yay! 
Here is a peek at my new piece 'Love Bites' ©Angie Mason 

And with that I will leave you with a post to get you excited for CATURDAY which is tomorrow :D 

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