Frogs, Time and Wishes...

Frogs, Time and Wishes...

Going Backwards

You know that sinking feeling, that nagging pull yanking you back as you try to move forward? Life throws things at us constantly thwarting our best efforts to realize dreams and goals. We push as hard as we can but still end up getting tossed about by life winds making us like birds flying backwards in an uncontrolled madness.

Determined to fly right you straighten your wings glide as best you can to follow new life currents but it truly takes a strong person to stay on track after getting beat down and thrown so far off track you begin to forget where it was you wanted to go in the first place.

In a late night moment of clarity coming to from a dream, an answer came to me in the form of a frog… be more like a frog I said to myself... frogs jump forward not backward. Frogs represent so many relevant symbols for me. Healing and cleansing toxic elements, transition, rebirth, over all a changing totem full of growth that helps guide me along inspiring me to simply jump.  

Don’t let the complications of the past build up and weigh you down hanging heavy on your conscience let it go and jump. Don’t let old memories piling up in your studio hinder your growth rise up and jump. Leap forward discovering the next creative phase.

Life Jumper
Jump forward into the unknown the next big thing. Jump into a plan...begin your strategy be it as simple yet challenging as waking up earlier, enjoy your morning enter the day with grace rather than a rushed frenzied freak out. Make a cappuccino from scratch, meditate on the process.

Spend time with the people, animals and spaces I love. Time does not control me, time does not run out on me, as long as I am breathing and here on this planet I am time my time is limited yes but I can manipulate my days allowing me to better realize dreams and goals.

I can navigate the waking hours so I go to sleep at night feeling satisfied for the day and grateful for everything I have accomplished so far and remain excited for the next leap forward. Jump.

The dangers of everyday bogs
I know all too well how the mundanity of everydayness bogs so many of us down before we even realize it’s getting stuck in unhealthy patterns of often times negative thinking, laziness and wishful thinking which is really a time waster if you don’t act on it.

I don’t want to wish my life away. I want to bring my ideas to fruition if they fail or are successful in the end I am pleased with either outcome because I jumped.

Work on being more self aware allowing for a clearer decisiveness in getting tasks done.


Don’t compare or get hung up and stuck on things. Let the symbolic rains of your deep breath cleanse all harmful thoughts washing them away…Jump in to the air and rejoice with the rain land in the water then jump again and landing on land. Navigate freely with clear intentions and purpose.

Dream power
Don’t let go of what your dreams in life are they have power they can make you miserable at times when they don’t go well feeling like you are going backwards but if you keep pushing forward and jumping things land and life shifts to where you would like them to. Persistence and effort of moving forward… jump.

Change your landscape in order to find the right surroundings don't settle for a tolerable or dealable life. And most importantly don't let fear hold you back fear is like life's brakes halting our progress. Fear has it's place and can help protect at times but learn how to keep it in control so you always continue to jump and grow.

Sign reading and breeze jumper
Life gives signs when it's time to change learn to take those cues and act on them. Don't let fear hold you back from moving forward. Sometimes we have to jump for our life's best intention or else we will face the consequences of remaining stagnant. So many of us have careers and they seem to constantly shift and give signs, learning to read those signs to better protect and serve your life will only make things easier to navigate life streams.

Be like the frog always moving between worlds of water and land...transitions are a breeze jump from land to air to water and navigate a larger playing ground. Don’t get stuck in one pattern of being… throughout life we all face transitions…embrace all the challenges and jump.

Be aware of your powers
For me I have constantly jumped into new scenes since a young child of moving around changing schools, then jumping around finding my way in the crazy landscape of the art world or working in design fields jumping around within sub industries within the creative fields. From all the jumping and transitioning for me I recognize the one clear thing that has linked most of these new experiences, my artwork, it always allowed me to better navigate this modern landscape.

My artwork, my vision is my super power. It's the magic card I can deal and get things to shift in my favor. Knowing your power helps a great deal in landing gracefully and meaningfully. My art gives my life meaning my art helps me navigate life waters seeking out new lands of creative opportunities. It allows me to jump with greater purpose.

I always wanted from a very early age to have my life be driven by my art. I have jumped many times changing things up radically all in part thanks to my art acting often times as a magical key that unlocks doors that I walk through.  I need to always keep my art front and center in my mind. It’s who I am, it grounds me yet allows me to soar when I choose to jump. When things feel sticky and stuck it’s best to shake off all the dust and just jump. The next door is waiting for me out there and I am about to leap through it. Just you watch.  ;)

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