Momentary Lapse in Blogging...

I have great intentions to be active on this blog but seem to fail more and more every time I say I am going to up my posts. It just comes down to some simple facts... I can't bring myself to post for no real reason on top of being distracted by a million other social media sites that pop up and snag my time such as instagram and more recently vine. I decided I would highlight some of those posts here as part of my ever increasing archive of life moments most of which do center around my art on this blog but occasional life crumbs sneak in. So though I am not promising any increases in my activity so I don't let myself or anyone down I will continue to post when the moment moves me to do so.

I am spread thin these days with doing a great deal of creative work during my days and trying to keep up with artshows at night all while trying to manage my house refi which for anyone who has tried during the past 4 years knows what a pain that can be. I feel like I am finally caught up on art shows. I have no further plans to share at this moment other than the Caja exhibit at 423 West Gallery in Los Angeles opening later this month! Presently I have chosen to enjoy this coming down time to reflect, sort and restart my brain. I feel like through all the years I have so much work I have created non stop so much materials accumulated I am starting to feel like it's taking over my space and I need to sort things so I can better create. Perhaps an online creative material garage sale is called for. Comment below if you are seriously interested in that? I think how I would handle it is to keep it simple by creating an album of photos with subject description and price with an email to contact to pay via paypal... once confirmed I will just comment on the photo it's been spoken for/ sold.

This entry is a bit of gather my thoughts and spit them out kind of entry they happen on here every once and a while.

For those who read this first Thank you! And secondly if you curate or run a gallery I am interested in future shows after August. Taking the rest of the summer off to get my brain, life and studio in a more open free state. As I mentioned about the clutter is both real and in my head. Getting back to thinking about my work I want to mention I am also interested in projects for books, illustration, character design,consignment, licensing and art fairs. If you want to reach out to me to talk about an opportunity please do! I would really LOVE to hear from you. Drop me a line to angie@angiemason.com  subject: Art Inquiry to ensure I get it.

One of the things I am SLOWLY developing is an art book on all the years I have been working making images. Once I get it to a decent level I will present to a publisher or maybe I may self publish not sure yet. Other things I am working on is updating bit by bit the new work I created for Weathered Souls earlier this year on my Art Shop. Some is up now more to come. 

So in keeping with spreading myself to thin online... I also have a blog called Angie Mason Writes Stuff... I set it up at a time I was trying to branch out in my career to allow for more options/ opportunities. My true love is image making but I at times find myself lingering over there lately thinking the words may be bubbling up to the surface and when they do... story time, poems silly bits will posted over there. So peek it from time to time.

Why have I not moved this blog to word press? While there are neat things about word press I actually really enjoy my blogger blog. So after attempting it I decided to keep this one going for my main art / life blog. Though are blogs even relevant anymore? It seem like so much of moving forward in life is sadly shortening the amount of time and space you take up with micro blogs and tweeting as an example. I been nostalgic on here before for the days of letter writing even email writing... these are things that are rarer and rarer these days. I hope I am wrong and people do take more time to digest and learn about some one or something. Though believe me I know how hard it is in this crazy fast paced world. I do my best to go as slow as possible taking back roads over highways as an example... it is just a more pleasant experience  and you get to see more of how people live and exist in their realities rather than zipping along on a roadway jammed with others who are trying to beat you. They can all beat me in that race it's one I don't care to win. 

Oh another thing I want to work on that you can look for soonish is a docu mini on my Weathered Souls show at MF gallery part of 3 person art show back in April and May. I shot footage I just need to edit it and post it. 

I suppose that's about all for now. I hope you get a kick out of my vines I posted on here I love that app! Way superior over instagrams  new video feature not a fan of that personally. Ok well happy Summer all!
Seeing friends makes me smile and seeing friends do creative exciting things makes me smile more! 
A creep is lurking in my garden ;) 

I made a catachino one Caturday morning :D
my mural at MF Gallery on permanent display ! 
Zombie Opening night at Last Rites Gallery
Boat rides listening to the cicada song 
Gardening always gardening! 
Fireworks summer is in full swing!
Carnival daze - summer nights at a local state fair makes me smile. 
My beach attire ;) going out to the mermaid parade earlier this summer on Coney Island

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