Help get your Facebook Page seen by your fans!

We all know how frustrating filter bubbles are especially as a small company or independent artist in an ocean with so many big fish who have money to spend on advertising. It's easy to feel like you are being shut out but I am trying to fight this as much as I can by spreading ways on how to make sure your fans and people who like what you do see it! Right now I have posts that if I am lucky reach about 30% of my fan base and that's IF I am lucky the others are not shown my feed because well I suppose they only visited and liked it the initial first time and fb decides what is relevant to show to who. I want to make sure my fans as well as others are educated and know they can actually control this by creating a list to include all the pages they like as well as making sure to check off that the like page gets shown in that persons actual newsfeed. It's never just an easy click anymore and sure it sucks to have to make people take these extra steps after liking it we now have to like like it you know. So tedious but I am posting this as way to make sure people are aware of this. Feel free to share and link to this blog post. Get the word out and hope us small independents can keep swimming in these shark infested filter bubble waters. And while we are on the topic I hope you will follow along with me at:  facebook.com/angiemasonart 


xina said...

Wonderful, Angie! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this - it was super helpful ;)

Angie Mason said...

Xina I am happy to hear it was helpful! :D