Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night xoxo!

The holidays  or more like the end of a 12 month cycle always gets me thinking
about the passing of time. Here is an old picture of me in my very
first studio space after I graduated college.  

So this season I sent out a very limited run of hand made cards this year.
Here are some process shots :) 

Here is a shot of the Angie card assembly line - line up :) 

Recently I had taken a trip in to NYC and visited the Museum of Art and Design (the white building center seen above that almost looks like it says "Hi" ). It had some really great exhibits going on including one on Artists as Jewelry Designers. It was pretty wonderful and also on exhibit was an amazing show of Contemporary Korean artists. It's a great place to visit if you ever get the chance. Columbus Circle also had a holiday market across the street during this holiday season that was very fun and festive walking around in. :) 
The Circle :) 
More of the Circle :) 
The December nights have had some wonderful clear nights where for being so close to NYC with light pollution all around I am amazed to see so many stars and planets shining in the night sky. Just fill my heart and eyes with wonder I love them so much! Night magic! 
I hope you all have a lovely end of year holiday time, spending it with loved ones laughing and loving them. As for me some ladies want diamonds, some ladies want pearls but I just want a head lamp! So excited to put this to good use! :D  I am sure I will be back blogging before the end of this year with a more rambling wordy  blog filled with ponder thoughts on what I am planning in the future as well as taking a look back over this year. Until then here is a time-lapse video of me decorating my holiday tree!


pomly said...

Oh my gosh it is saying HI! HI THERE BUILDING!

Angie Mason said...

The building told me to tell you it likes you and hi! :D