Process to progress! A call to action in your own life.

Process to progress! Regress no way.Spread your ideas creations share your stories.Make stuff! Fight against the elite beast, the nothing that is swallowing us whole each day more and more. Remain vigilant in your goals, persistence is the key in any path worth taking.

I always choose the back roads with all it's bumps and turns because in the end it was worth so much more living fully rather than going on cruise control on a homogenized highway that gets you nowhere fast. It's those back roads that always take you home. Spark yourself become your own light follow your path you make not one someone else makes for you or one you saw in a magazine grow yourself find your roots water them and blossom.

Sketchbook lunch days... drawing a HeartWorm. ©Angie Mason

And no matter what people do to try to tear down your dream believe in it and keep moving forward because believe me people will try to knock you off your path those are the negative forces in life they are very real and do exist. Don't let them get to you it happens to us all who choose this path. If you believe in yourself eventually others believe in you too. It can be lonely at times but keep pushing forward that is how I always lived my life and will till the day I die.

Now go have an idea party and change the world by changing yourself if we all make that small step to push to change or improve our lives by learning, growing and making stuff and let go of critics and negative jerks and life controllers we can all blossom up a beautiful revolution of the mind a revolution on canvas, paper, through the wires in the dirt let's grow,let's go. Xoxo Angie

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