Some future books that I am in the process of writing...

Sure it's a slow crawl having so many multiple projects under my fingertips but in a way to push things along I felt like sharing a snippet of this just to make it more real and perhaps act as a catalyst to push me along to fruition with these projects! 2 Particular books I am in the middle of playing around with writing is a childhood coming of age story - memoir 'Pleasureland Massacre' - By Angie Mason  (Title may change since it's still in the early development phase.) And another coming of age story taking place during High School years: The High Skool Die Skool Diaries which has a blog to help promote that project and push me along in bringing it to fruition. I have so many ideas for future book projects from an art book a visual journey into my world and a kids book I have done but just need an interested backer and a poem book would be lovely too!
http://highskooldieskooldiaries.blogspot.com/   By Angie Mason

Then onto my other secret book project... 
Here's a teaser for you :) and mock up book cover too! 

This is just a proof FPO cover rough - this photo will not be used in the final cover since I did not take it. I just felt so nostalgic seeing this photo of PleasureLand.

"The end unravels so quickly, yet always with a slow build up of problems. Piling up, pushing against the surface, destroying the foundation little by little till that moment of crumble that happens in a rapid fire shootout has everybody running for cover in a frenzy of panic. That summer when I was 12, the slow build up of growth on my own family problems was rising up, pushing apart our family walls. Our foundation was crumbling right along side the once beloved beautiful pool park of golden memories.
That one hot august day, that one day, that one moment is all it takes for things to be so changed, so different for good. That one sweltering day when I was 12 at the pool park with part of my family foundation missing, my mother was absent that day, which felt like that space allowed for a weed to push through a crack opening up pushing up a tidal wave of weeds pulling her away from us even more. In her absence we tried to feign happiness and normalcy so in an attempt to relive the good times it was off to the PleasureLand Pool Park we went.
But this day, this would be the last time.The last time for so much. The slow build of problems at the Pool Park was about to erupt and dismantle reality as we knew it with a volatile burst and violent fury tearing a part a once solid family foundation and golden memory dream."  – EXCERPT from upcoming book 'Pleasureland Massacre' - By Angie Mason  (Title may change since it's still in the early development phase.)
All writings and artwork are ©Angie Mason unless otherwise mentioned. ;)

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