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When Giving Leaves You Empty ©Angie Mason 2011
'When Giving Leaves You Empty' ©Angie Mason 2011 on exhibit at the Cotton Candy Machine - Tiny Trifecta Group Show

Check out this mixed media drawing on my facebook art page! It's on auction but not for long! Ends April 13th! All you have to do is comment the photo with your bid! Winner pays S&H plus their bid. It's a great way to collect art to add to your collection or start a new one! 
Ice Queen Cone's Melt Down  ©Angie Mason 2011
'Ice Queen Cone's Melt Down' ©Angie Mason 2011 on auction here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150156936157118&set=a.262564107117.143010.22391992117&ref=nf

This is what the Super Moon back in March looked like in my part of the world ;)

Song of the Sirens Group Show Last Rites Gallery, NYC
Installation shot of the wall my art was on for Song of The Sirens show at Last Rites Gallery NYC

I don't know about these clowns!
I don't know about these clowns! We've all been there hanging w/ the wrong crowd of unsavory characters.Yeah I don't know about these clowns either image ©Angie Mason ;)

Off they go to New Mexico!
In other art news I am working with a new gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Pop Gallery I am very excited to be a part of the Pop family. Check them out! I just shipped out two big boxes filled with my art to them! And at the end of April an all female group show opens which I am a part of. 

Back to my drawing table! I have been in a drawing mood these days! :) Finished pieces coming soon!

:: I used to hide in closets as a child 
to see how long it would take for some one to miss me.
Needless to say I spent a very long time in those closets 
because no one missed me and deeper into the imaginary realms 
I went into a world filled with characters who did miss me ::
–An Angie Mason Random Memory Spill Quote ^___^ 

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