So you say you want an Art'volution.....

I may be unorthodox in doing this but I am tired of how the machine works and want more control to spread my work to the people who want and love it and that is you who follows along with me on this crazy visual journey in life this is all for you! I have been getting tired of seeing the red dot disorder and gallery politics that are pretty rampant you just can't get away from them it seems. There are many exclusive closed systems that cater to the "elite beast" making art feel unreachable often times. I don't like this system. I don't like the feeling of making many feel left out so they can feel special in their closed system clubs. I grew up poor and I've seen these class issues since I was young. 

Now as adult and being involved with the art industry I get to see how this strange beast works. How it becomes so dependent on financial growth and investment which to me in my opinion can really squash the soul if you will of an artwork. It can strip it down to being a dollar sign with little to no emotional value being considered. Coming from my past I really don't feel at home following along this path of the elite beast. I may lose followers and friends saying this but I can't sit here any longer and not take some sort of personal action. This is my call to action my visual action to reach you directly by bringing you choice and opportunity.

By growing my following reaching you all directly and giving you opportunities to obtain works in many of my past auctions where you set the price you bid on with no reserves. This is part of my effort in killing the elite beast which I know I can not slay on my own but I can take steps to go against it's grain.  I need to stress here that I do appreciate all the warm open galleries I work with who respect the artists they work for and with... they do exist which does make my heart feel less heavy.  But they are becoming fewer and fewer these days being forced to close doors with the continued economic down turn. Yet there are all these elite closed systems that exist making profits catering to the extreme wealthy set. I am tired of this. I believe art can be for everyone. I have my visions that for whatever reasons I have to create and share. I want to take greater control here in trying to bring them straight to you.

There is a lot of work that goes not only in making the artwork itself but also promotion and behind the scenes business that takes a whole bunch of energy. I am working around the clock making my works and promoting them so you are aware of what I am offering. I hope you will join me in my fight by reposting this and spreading my visual germs as I want to infect as many as possible with this message. By repelling elitism and many of the closed systems I am creating new growth that is attainable. I've always have been making art work that I want to share and spread around this is my Art'volution! I Art'volve and get involved with you directly and hope you will take control and seize this opportunity as well. So now is the time I bring to you a special "You Choose Auction". Bringing art to the people for the people!  Visit the page and vote in the new you choose auction!  This just the beginning of the Art'volution stay tuned for more public service announcements.Take control. The time is now!  

Art'volve and get involved!

♥, Your very own 'Vision Spitting Activist'
- Angie

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