Fall Daze Memory Craze and AMAZING Black Friday Black it out Weekend Holiday Sale!

Angie at MF Gallery opening night for the annual Toy Show with some of her works
The Holidays are here in full force! I can't keep up though I try... in an effort to, I added a bunch of new stuff to the Angie Mason Art Shop So Please support independent artists and businesses such as myself during this holiday season! As an incentive to do so I will be having a very special sale starting on Wednesday - Sunday! Select items through out the shop can be found as low as 60% OFF This is my Black Friday Black it out Weekend long saving sale! YAY! SO go support and enjoy the savings and of course enjoy the art! XOXOX.You can see one of my new necklaces The Bruised Heart Beauties necklace in the photo above. That one is the layered chain style I also offer it with a single chunky chain.  It's an adorable unique necklace that I am sure you will love I know I love mine :)

'Not Magical More Like a Mess' Sculpture available at MF Gallery ©Angie Mason 2010
I have not been a very good blogger. I will try to change that. Even If I post one picture or some poem spew I want to pay more attention to documenting my time on this planet. No one else will do such a diligent job as I will so I need to :)
At Sacred Gallery in NYC on Halloween 2010
Frida Stuck In Traffic ;)
Painting at Last Rites Gallery Oct. 30. 2010 Creep In Day.
I was Frida Khalo for Halloween which was super fun I spent it at Sacred Gallery in NYC for the closing show. Here is a picture. I also spent Halloween weekend at Last Rites Gallery painting live at the second annual Creep In. 

Then the following weekend I went down to Asbury Park to visit Parlor Gallery for the Skull show opening which was a ton of fun! I have so much other stuff to go on about but honestly I need rest I am not feeling so great I caught a germ and I am sadly a bit sick for this holiday season. Poop! :( But but but I am sooo excited and happy to be making so much stuff! I promise to share and post more on my blog. I have been hiding out too long. Happy Thanksgiving! I am so Thankful for all who support and dig my work! You guys are what help inspire and keep me going. Oh so remember to check out my shop! :) SALE STARTS...... NOW! XOXO.


Sweet Dreams,

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