On the path of progress through process....

It always, always starts in my journals. A simple crumb of a doodle, a tasty drawing lays the foundation of an idea that can be the recipe for a fully cooked painting or sculpture or whatever idea I may have in my brain pantry.
Here I am late night sketch booking with my darling demon Nervil
I call him my demon since he is attached to me and really seems to be connected to me like my little shadow.
So now I take my sketchbook journal into my studio and begin cooking up my final piece. I gather all my necessary ingredients such as canvas,paints, brushes, mediums etc. Once all my prepping is done I dive right in and begin flavoring,mixing, adding, stirring to get just the right taste for this  particular vision.

 I have been mixing up things with this recipe and I am currently in the middle of it...
a medium rare process shot sneak peek just for you xoxoxo. 
 Stay tuned for more vision chunks feeding hungry eyes everywhere. 
Bon Art'petite! ;)

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