Drawing them in....Drawing up Plans...Drawing Drawing Drawing!

It's been awhile I have been away distracted with life... Big changes happen it's just how it goes... loss gain loss gain cycle cycle cycle..up down up down you know the story you have your own that said chapters end you write the next one until your story is over. So onto the next chapter for me.

Here are some thoughts I jotted down the day I lost my job...


Surviving A Layoff..

The fateful morning at your desk the air feels different at work it has for weeks who am I kidding more like months... it's the smell of impending doom looming over us all. It starts with a phone call please come to my office I need to speak with you.You enter the room where 2 people await you to hand you the blue folder of death. Times are not good losing your job sucks the lack of security makes the ground feel soft like you are sinking but step higher and pull yourself up stay focused no dwelling! This is not the time to dwell... its the time for renewal and refocusing this time can be a gift if you let it. Words exchanged at the meeting were mostly unheard... I saw mouths moving but you feel like they are ghosts of your past which you quickly tune out as you get ready to move on. I looked past them talking and saw screaming in the back ground on the desk more blue folders about 5 more fates waiting to be handed out. Me sitting there looking at two somber faces thinking to myself,should I cry just cause that is what they seem to want or expect of me but I don't. Giving a more stoic numb reaction since after all it felt more like a dream to me since I had seen this day coming for awhile... I was just pretty stunned today was the actual day. I am not burning bridges but i am not lingering near them either.
Never doubt yourself you have special talents that set you apart that make yo
u unique. Keep thinking and believing this. Know that you are just shifting and gears are changing to go to somewhere new. You are allowed to be scared it's o.k. to be scared but still keep taking those big steps because anything worth anything is scary... so push yourself to become self sufficient believe it can work. This is a special time given to you to explore and push your talents even further than you have. Don't just sit there and waste this time... enjoy it find balance again in life stay positive and remember it started with a blue folder and it ended with a blue folder there are more folders somewhere else if needed You will get your folder given to you again this time to start anew. Remember folders are like fish... There are others swimming around or hiding under rocks waiting for you to catch them... but we don't kill any fish that we catch, we nurture them,giving them new fancy tanks to thrive in. Heads up legs strong keep moving forward. The fears of so many others in the same jobless situation are too crippling to buy into... revolt against the fears and make the changes you need happen. Be the light in the darkness.

-April 2009

Ok so yes on to brighter things... I have had to make some adjustments with my situation and I am currently unable to participate in over seas' shows at the moment I simply can't afford to send the work unless an arrangement is made with shippping for now those shows are on hold... this is sad I had made the work already and hope maybe it might make it out to Berlin for the show but I know the reality of my situation with money. So the art exists which makes me happy and it will go somewhere just not sure yet.
But I do have more local shows to share with you:

May 16th: Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park NJ Group Show curated by MF GALLERY I will be there :)

June 13th: ArtStar Gallery, Philladelphia Draw 4 Group Show
I will be there :)

June 5th: Daniel Fountain Contemporary,Balitmore MD Group Show FIGURATIVELY
DATE: Friday, June 5, 2009
TIME: 7-11pm
EXHIBITION RUNS: June 5 - June 27, 2009
LOCATION: 1800 Fleet Street, Baltimore, MD 21231
MORE INFO: www.danielfountaincontemporary.com

August 29th: Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra,CA Sweet Streets Group show sponsored by Hi-Fructose Magazine

November Date TK: 2 person Show Parlor Gallery,Asbury Park NJ
I will be there :)

November 6th 2009: FEEDBACK Group Show at GALLERY NEUROTITAN Berlin Germany Curated and Organized by Danielle de Picciotto

Some other shows are in the works as well as some other secret projects
once I get more information on them I will be sure to post info here :)

Here are just some of the images I have in the upcoming ArtStar Gallery Show to wet your appetite....

'The Party's Over Kid (Deflated)' ©Angie Mason 2009

'Not So Magical More Like a Mess' Study ©Angie Mason 2009

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