Memories for sale...

A lost childhood found
for sale on the street
pick up some memories
the price you can't beat
A Broken down dolly
on the side of the road
A Busted up Tick Tock
A Music Box Maker
Death is a Dream Taker
A Memory Breaker
It done did you in
leaving your personal items behind
sell them on the curbside
for a dollar each time
Only a buck
will get you a dream
a lost memory orphaned
in need of a home
you pick up the forgotten
you rescue a few
you piece them together
you make them a new.

-Angie Mason

*Today I went to a house sale on the side of a road that I had stumbled upon
while taking a joy ride and rescued a few orphaned memories to give a new home to. An old man and his daughter were selling what appeared to be the belongings of the deceased wife of the old man as well as family treasures from lost childhoods of the grown children who put away these childish things.Perhaps since I don't have the luxury of having really any of my childhood artifacts I tend to want to rescue the orphaned used up toys of others pasts and feel sad at how they want to part with such treasures.That direct connection to innocent new days seems magical to me and no matter how sad or happy the memories may be it was a time when the world was full of wonder and possibilities for so many no matter how bad things were there was always a new day on the horizon to play new games and dream... I still like to hold on to that dreaming greeting every new day with the wonder and possibilities waiting to unfold as I did when I was a child.Call me childish but I still hold on to the toys and play games any chance I get.

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