Tragically Delicious - Revealed Revelations and Prophesies

Oh I am not a good blogger these days... I guess I should say I never was super great with it...but these days I am slower than slow. Trying my best to keep up with the pace of the modern world. It’s a challenge it can leave one feeling quite overloaded and broke down with a constant headache. But I push through it and blog for you the people... Cause I know how important it is I let you know what sorts of high jinks I am up to never mind the failing economy, pirates of Somalia, terrorist bombings, thee election and so on and on.... It all comes back to the big ponder question of what is Angie going to do next what could she be coming up with how is SHE going to make this world a better place with her amazing images... I know I know it’s a heavy burden I carry to make such important work but I do it for the people... It makes them happy which in the end makes me happy. So what I have I been up to... What is coming up in the new year... What oh what could it be..... Hmmmmm well I will share some visual crumbs with you and hopefully keep your appetite satiated till the bigger unveil of newer works and projects. It’s been a roller coaster ride the past couple of months feeling up and down sporadic spurts of creativity but in my process of renewal / regeneration I think I am fueling up for some lovely exciting new works... First I will have to spend time healing though... Currently a work I am in the middle of needs some mending... An accident occurred so I have to patch up the canvas as a certain clumsy person fell over knocking her canvas over as well ripping it to shreds don’t worry it was not a terrorist attack there were speculations regarding this matter but the air is being cleared here that I have only myself to blame. But I am confident I have the healing powers needed to restore that painting back and then I will be soo happy to finish it up and reveal some of the new work which I have been calling in my head and now on this blog “Tragically Delicious” soo there’s my sneak peak for 2009’s collection...
Angie Mason‘s 2009 Art collection titled Tragically Delicious is currently under way and way out megatastic beautiful! Just you wait... Can’t wait you say no worries I am always showing my work around... Got some over in California for the Infinity Squared Show at Distinction Gallery and then some in the MF Gallery Group show in Italy this January... And then more still to come in lots of other places but I won’t list everything out now... Just want to show more visual crumbs and chunks than word vomit. I might try to post my holiday greeting on here but ahead of time incase I blow that Happy Holidays to all my little elves and snowmen out there...remember enjoy the holidays for the simple pleasure of time spent with family & friends .... Laugh love and don’t get so caught up in that consumerism shit... It’s empty and stressful and really not worth a penny compared to a good night laughing with friends and family! Good thoughts are being strung up around my brain tree for all and to all a good night!!!!

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