Time is crunchy and gets stuck in my teeth.... making me look like a total idiot...

SOOO here is a brand new painting that will be in my upcoming solo show this September at Rabbit-Hole Gallery....

'Deceit Tree' © Angie Mason 2008 Oil on Canvas

Here is some show info for you (IF you scroll down on my Blog you will see the longer posting with the art statement and other ramblings:

Paintings of a Morose & Unsociable Nature
By Angie Mason

Atlanta, GA (May 5, 2008) - Rabbit-Hole Gallery is pleased to present:
Murky Menagerie - Paintings of a Morose & Unsociable Nature
A solo exhibition featuring new works by Angie Mason
Opening on September 13th,2008.
For the artist’s first show at the gallery, she has created a collection of 23 works
including primarily paintings on canvas as well as drawings and sculptures
she calls visual objects. Murky Menagerie - Paintings of a Morose & Unsociable Nature
will be Angie's first solo show in Atlanta GA.

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Kind of hard to Believe its' mid July and I am out of the country for a week starting Friday... for an actual vacation... haven't had a pure one of those in years not sure if I will know what to do ;) I think I will get by just Fine! Me and the Fishes are friends Me and Time Not so much. when I get back from vacation I will be in nuts mode getting everything finished... framed and shipped out to the gallery.... and then ship myself down south in September which I SOO CAN't Wait for.
I think it's going to be a great show that I worked super hard long hours on so Well I hope you all like it as much as I do. It's late now so I May continue writing in this same post tomorrow morningish to ramble some more cause well that's what I do... I ramble and scramble my words up in a pan all greasy and gross and vomit words all over my blog what a mess I have made Oh my.....

OH July 4th was Sooo Amazing I got to see the Fireworks in NYC for the first time in a totally awesome memorable way on a rooftop not just any rooftop but a Amber Tamblyn and David Cross filled one MADE ME SOO HAPPY! I won't tell you about the cherry tomato magic trick that happened later on that night but I will say it brought tears of joy to my eyes!!! And Also the fact that the nipplecakes I brought were eaten and brought smiles to faces and bellies alike!

Nipple Cakes!

Ok it's too late I am off to bed to rest up for more work filled days.... then VACATION FRIDAY!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!

p.s. I don't even have to say this cause I am sure you all know but First Read or Listen to the New David Sedaris Book! I have always loved him he is perfect! THEN Second go see Wall-E SOOOOOO INCREDIBLE poignant touching and really just so supremely well done!!! It made me cry! Yeah I cried so what... WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO about it... I will mop this fucking floor my tears I will. Now you're shaking in your boots I bet...or ..... not.... I need to sleep instead of talking to myself on a computer.... SHIT ANGIE GOTO BED!! why do I stay up so late every night I work and work and goof around Tard out but no sleep... I am just so excited about shit all the time my brain is over loaded. SHUTTING DOWN TUNING OUT DREAMING BIG! CATCHING BIG ASS MUTHA FUCKING FISH!!!

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