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Sooo on my old darling site from the early 2000's Memory-Jar.com I don't do much on there really these days but upon looking at the message boards old postings that made me giggle I also saw how the boards were taken over by porn links!!! I hopefully went through and deleted them sorry all you pervs out there gotta get your kicks somewhere else... why on earth would they hide that shit out on my board??? No one really goes to that site... It was just up for my own fancy... the boards don't seem to function for me so I am unable to post anything new and I was of no mind to figure out heavy programming shit... I tried I failed I moved on. SO with that said I thought it might be fun every now and again to post something from the boards or from the other sections on that site onto my blog since (which I did once or twice before) this thing sort of replaced the need for that site these days... I still adore the site and who knows there are ideas and magic everywhere so maybe it will be something again one day.... here is one I grabbed....

On to the first of the postings:
ORIGINALLY Posted Friday, September 3, 2004 @ 11:17 PM
Brainspills: The Playground-
What was your favorite game to play on the playground as a kid? How about over at your friends house or out at the park? Swing high,scrape your knees recess has begun!
Back Woods Whack Job....
Growing up i spent alot of the time running around aimlessly through woods growing up a good amount of my childhood in a small town that was surrounded by mountains. I find it funny how as a kid I had no thought or worry in my mind that anything bad would really happen and I would just run about like a complete moron through any batch of woods trying to find the next big thing whether it be an old cemetery from the 1800's or some old native American stomping grounds. All of which I did find but even having been chased off some old man's property with a rifle or having some insane person chase me down a street with a machete That didn't stop me one bit or even give me pause... You think it would but it didn't. Now older and wiser or just more scared of stupid shit I pause like hell at getting lost in the woods... having been lost in the woods in my twenties it was not like when I was a kid... as a kid I would just keep running till you saw something you recognized and in the mean time you just had fun learning to know all the stuff you didnt know of course there might be some element of fear but it seemed more thrilling and less fearful. OK it is thrilling as an adult too but also really really scary...especially when its getting dark and you have no flash light. I almost crapped my pants with fear when that happened not that long ago. But as a kid all those adventures were mini epic journeys that were filled with pretend creatures and battles and just fun. The days of wooded journeys are less now but I hold those times up with my bike and dog and friends running around without time on our heads and things to get done except made up things which are the best kind of things. The woods with the unknown lurking inside them are such a great place to venture into... I think I am going to go into the woods again and run, run till I see something I recognize and in the mean time enjoy learning all the unknown paths and branches hanging over me.

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