Fusion 5 Festival : Angie Mason Documini

I know it's not the best quality viewing this on the web but I hope you still get a taste of things.
This was really an amazing trip being able to take part in the Fusion 5 Festival which was held at Hotel 3.14 in Cannes,France which was incredible as well as getting to live with all the other artists for a week... it was like art camp all over again but much more intense. There has been wonderful press on this festival all over the place from Dazed & Confused Dazed Digital who noted me as one of the highlights of the festival (which was really nice to read )to HiFructose Magazine and their totally new and sharp looking site as well as White hot MagazineJuxtapoz Magazine Online. The press keeps coming which is really fun to see everyones impressions over all and the really exciting thing is seeing everyone so excited about it from artists to musicians to press to public. Yasha really has great vision at coming up with grand ideas and making them actually happen....It's Her special talent I believe. This was my first time to France and it was made extra special by all the people and the festival of course... and I knew I was in France when I was dancing with an old French Man and he got down on the floor and looked up my dress... Viva La France and the Pants Dance! I probably could go on about this but honestly since I have been back I my mind is sort of in overdrive not just from the amazing trip but gearing up and making lots of new work for my September Solo Show at Rabbit-Hole Gallery in Atlanta Georgia. I am really excited about it all. So I hope you will hang around to see it.

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