Speaking of Life ,Death and Ice cream....Found this gem on you tube :)


jacquiscloset said...

Hi Sweetie-Pie, I haven't been by in ages. Things are finally settling down a bit in my world with the holidays winding down, I just wanted to come by some of my favorite artist/blog pals and catch up. I so have to start updating both here and at LiveJournal, it's just hard to switch over after nine or so years of blogging/journaling over there. Love this YouTube. Okay, off to look for inspiration at the flea market. Thrilled for you re Amber Tamblyn. Oh, cool book about craft as art, art as craft I just got, crappo can't find it, probably underneath a pile o' felines, I think it totally applies to your work, maybe if you search Amazon under craft and art -- I think your work is absolutely art. Oh and been having so much fun on etsy lately. Don't know if you remember me. Maybe if you vist my journal? Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Big warm hugs, Jacqui XOXOX. God, I'm relieved to have the holidays behind me, *HUGE SIGH*, I get super OCD-ish this time of year, gotta make, make, make, and buy, buy, buy for EVERYONE, but unlike you I've never figured out, or been motivated enough to market my work well and make money, I just spend and gift : ) Me = Jacqui; http://jacqui.livejournal.com. I'm jacquiscloset on flickr.com
PPS: Finally get my late night vampirey self to get up early enough to score some beautiful vintage things and here I am fooling around on the computer, ack.

sharzart said...

It's almost a sad video, like watching decaying happiness.

Really well edited....Loved it!