Memories lurk in the slow melt of time

My words are lost vanished like memories faded once spoken heard no more the beauty once seen is hidden. The chaos of the leaves blows through me stirring my soul waking it up uncovering lost buried words and visions of times passed. The winds strength is my strength pushing me to go in new directions. And The chaos of the wind drives me.

Breezes thick in nostalgia blow crisp and crack skin chapped and dry needing moisture of new times. Chaos spit on me slaying the tired old boredom that settled in for too long revive revive you are alive now breath and wake and take the day.

Spewing talk to pass my time where I am chained to desk days full of gray. This deviation day dream quenches my mind. Self indulgent candy words coat my insides painting them happy.

::::WARNING!!!!::::DO you read this blog are you reading it right now well then that makes you retarded. COngratulations you big fucking retard. Research has shown over many tests & failed attempts at flight that the passing of retardedness through thought transference and absorption of reading written words can lead to a mild or severe case of the retards... It may only last for a short period of time but you will experience some level of stupidity that will hopefully manifest itself through the form of dance! ::::END OF WARNING:::::: NOW DANCE RETARD DANCE!!!!!

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