Button Frenzy ....

Loads of one inch buttons I made with my trusty button machine luckily I have a magic elf named Lyle who helped in the production of these little pricks.

I probably will plan on selling some on my online store once I return from Berlin... That is the reason I made all these guys as part of a VIP gift and also for button sets that will be on sale at the gallery. ONE WEEK COUNTDOWN!!! I am getting excited in a super over drive kind of way... but also nervous like I am forgetting to do something or something will go wrong and everything will get messed up and I won't make it to Berlin... My brain loves playing games with me. I need to take an even deeper breath than I have been. See this is even more special for me not just because its my first international solo show but because it's my first trip to Europe that is if you don't count Bermuda which I really don't since that feels more like the Caribbean. SO there you have it some random ramblings about my upcoming follies.


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