Hydration High Jinks and Depravity

Sometimes I won't bother watering my indoor plants on purpose just to watch them droop down drop shriveling up all wilted and sad... it's at that point of extreme depravation I then soak them and watch them perk right up again in a slow graceful dance I enjoy watching the change in color of the leaves from a dull lifeless green to a vibrant green swollen with life ... this is the resilience of life illustrated for me. My intentional holding back of fluids is not meant to be mean, I really don’t do this to be sadistic in any way although the plants can at times be angry with me when I do this and think otherwise.

However my real reasons why I do it are more motivated as a metaphor of myself and life in general... the process of life and death. I always wonder when my plants will just give in giving up never perking back up only at that point of no return will the leaves turn yellow then brown and crackle into bits existing no more...

Those crackled leaf bits are like pieces of me long gone like my once decent eye sight that now relies on the dependency of corrective wear and so on and on it goes till all the brittle bits break off and leaving all that was whole once completely dissolved.

When is it that they will reach that point of no return that its not going to come back from all the hardships and stress it goes through and when will one reach that point how long can one cycle out with taking care then not taking care of oneself. How long can one go with self neglect. When will I the one finally wilt never going to be as I once was... only dwindling remains of a once full self are left...

I am fascinated with the cycle of life and like to toy with it yes by abusing my plants holding back the water they need to survive...and I feel like these poor plants at times when I don’t water myself in life and end up wilting needing a soaking of health and well being.

Processes progress toward attendance then back to neglect and the cycle goes on and on but not forever it's only a moments time one has here and it will all be over before one can water it again. So really be sure to water yourself everyday or at least every other day and don't stoop to such self induced depravation as I do with my plants. I will let the plants be a reminder for me and my life when things get hectic not to let well being wilt... stop and breathe and water myself back to being whole.


meg said...

This is so relevant to my life, It was fun to stumble upon and read.
( added you on LJ. Im meg ( megmucas) ). :].

Angie Mason said...

Hi Meg! Thanks for reading and looking at my blog I saw you found me on LJ too Nice to meet you and It makes me happy to know someone connects to what I am saying. Nice to hear.