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Pickle Brain Bug
Originally uploaded by Angie Mason.
Words translate into visions new works are sleeping inside of me and need to be awoken. Sometimes this visual journey feels strained like my focus is blurred and needs to readjust. Readjust inwards rather than outwards.

The mind gets poisoned at times thinking such negative thoughts not believing in oneself and ones powers. It’s the poison of being enamored with the world you forget and lose yourself. The unhealthy ways of brain game days can leave you feeling quite beat up and useless.

We all have our moments are moments to shine shit and fail we are all stars that burn and die. In certain uncertain moments Giving up seems like a sort of freedom. Kaputz done end game over. The easy way out.

The itching is too strong to give in.. Visions always resurface and need to be expelled from your brain purge visual vomit on canvas once more. Release those nagging dreams and visions unleash them that is the form of freedom I prefer.

And all the while you prophetize your profits and you take your pills to make you a better person and you fuck shit up and say you’re sorry and we are totally BFFs Binary Friend Forms in this cybernetic life... plugged in electrified currents run from finger tips to screen tip tap typing codes coded coding coating our eyes over with binary numbers data. We are all logged in and drawn in and numbered and our days are numbered so leave me a comment ok?

Life is nonsense ....I know it is all nothing and nothing is all, my big ideas are blips and no one cares unless they choose to as I do the same choosing amongst the many blips that others spew. See its up to the individual and My moments matter to me and my nonsense is special because its mine my meaningless life is meaningful since I chose my spewed nonsense life.... Chances are if you find something meaningful to care about others will follow and join you... And they do.

So who really cares when there are so many visual combinations we can think of... fuck trying so hard to be some ultimate visionary genius who see things in life never seen before if it comes it comes and how nice to end up being visionary on accident. Ultimately it has to just matter to you which is me the I who writes this, trites this spewed nonsense bits... So as long as I care and I moved by the work then I am most satisfied with life and all is right in my universe and my heart will keep ticking until I need a Rolex ...times up.

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