Rainy day Projects....

I recognize the seasons and weather and how it makes me more or less likely to produce artwork... its that fall/spring weather that gets my juices really boiling and I notice after all these years making stuff that a lot of the stuff I make comes out during those seasons or weather that is like those seasons.... since technically it is still summmer but the weather has cooled and the days are gray swollen with moisture which is making my garden so lush and quite happy and I am happy as well feeling that awake feeling that in-tune feeling like you just came out of hibernation and you have a ton of thoughts waiting to emerge and my studio looks like a tornado hit it which in a since its me I am a Tornado with a paint brush full of gesso priming the surface to stratch at it and make it mine.

Halloween Painting in progress for MF Gallery Halloween Show

Fall Art shows are starting to kick in Starting September 16th at MF Gallery in NYC where I will be doing some body painting at the opening around 7pmish I will start up... This photo is of the painting in progress that will be in the Halloween Show at MF Gallery. I also posted a bunch of new stuff at my website so click on the title of this post to go see the new art section reorganized just for you all. Ok off to see my framer.

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