Blips and Pickles....

We are blips in the big sound of the universe.
We are wrinkles in times fabric.
We are flashes in the light of life.

Yet we fool ourselves into thinking we are bigger
more important centers of all time passing.

Ego monsters lurk all over acting all important
When really all we are, are blipped out at the end of time
Facing the meaningless microns of our existence

We are faded dust clouds blown by, in a wind storm settling into nothingness.

Yet,Each of our realities is the center of us
We are the leading character living out our roles.

We may all be blips but in that respect we are all the same,
equal, able to achieve the things we each dream about.

Yet it is not so in this world of economy and power.
The ego monsters rule this land of blips
till we are all blipped out by grander forces
to put us all in our place of nothingness.

I sometimes really look forward to that time
instead now I have to be faced with the reality
of filling up my gas tank and the lurkers making
out on my dependency of a modern life.


*Just a Side note to say the sketch above I did today will be a painting very soon! ^___^ Sketch Titled 'Sour Loser (In A Bit Of A Pickle)' ©2006 Angie Mason

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