Working and Tarding out....

May is creeping up on me like a slug on speed.... fast forward rewind fast fast frantic forward trying to keep my mind straight... I have alot of strings to tie up but some how I gots me a case of the spring fevers which makes my brain go kaputz and I just sit around retarding out doing nonsense stuff dancing around, dressing my cat up and smelling the spring flowers blooming outside... instead I should be framing painting, sculpting, packagaing, primping, promoting but my brain just won't have it right now... so a post to post progress of a drawing that will be in the show which I am happy to say is all framed and ready to go well almost I have to just adjust the hanger on the back of the frame and then it will be good to go. Actually all the paintings and drawings are complete just have to frame them up. I have to finish up my sculptures tho...the hand has been hurting as always from that damn thumb accident from back in '04 so actually breaks are called for unfortunatley...its been getting terrible pins and needles which has been spreading to other parts of my hand :( if it continues I will have to go back to see my hand doctor to see whats up. Funny how the things we value most in life are the things that really are challenged and almost taken away from us. Gotta really fight for the things you want or love in life or else they will go away or will be taken from you. No more bumming out I am gonna look at this picture I took of my very dapper cat Nervil who will not admit it but loves when I dress him up.

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