Mad Tea Party....

I restocked my tea stash that I keep here at work with me This particular tea is so awesome! It combines Rooibos,Honey Bush (two of my top favorites)with Safflowers, Marigold Flowers and Caramel Flavor.... Its soooo yummy and to top it off it comes in these see-thru mesh bags which are just visually pleasing and the smell is so warm and cozy... The flavor of Rooibos really comes through...it always reminds me of the smell of a cherry flavored taboacco pipe... a childhood friend's dad smoked one and I always loved that smell probably one of the only smoke smells I really enjoy ^____^

Well today I dropped off a bunch of paintings to get framed for the May show ... My frame guy I work with is sooo great! He gives me great discounts and on top of that isn't charging me for framing 2 of the paintings I brought in ...I wish more poeople were that giving in their business it would make life so much nicer. I am just happy to have the few in my life that are good souls like that.

After the art drop off I spent the rest of lunch bird watching down by the nature reserve over here which is one of the strangest places since it could be mistaken for wastelands I am sure...but magical things happen back in those parts...With all the Birds and other creatures lurking and swimming about then sometimes if you are lucky you will hear the sound of harmonica playing dancing through the breeze as a man takes his lunch break to walk about the reserve playing his harmonica.... now that is a good day for sure!

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