Falling out of my chair laughing....

YOu think i am just kidding around with that title but sadly I am not...

But today as sore as I am from that fall... I got some great news some press clippings from the minneapolis Juxtapoz art show... out of 70 artists its truly an honor that they chose my work to feature in these publications. I just feel super happy!

Presently I am in my studio working on my solo show which is this May which really is just around the corner!It opens on May 20th a couple of days before my birthday! Time goes by fast get all the things done you want to do because the end is near. I feel like I am in crunch time... I have to pick out frames and get all the loose strings tied up nice and neat. A busy girl indeed I am...I just booked a very exciting show in Berlin for 2007 July at the awesome Strychnin Gallery, which I am exclusive with in Germany now. The floor plan looks really great and just a really pretty space to work within... I am going to make that show super special.... I started a sketchbook for it already. ^___^ And Spring is here which makes me sing with the song birds for all the flowers stood up to greet me with brilliant colors and delicate beauty so strong.

And Lastly here is a silly short film i threw together from this past saturday nights opening at mf gallery in nyc which was so fun and really a great group show..... I am the blonde mess of hair, body painting some roller derby girls leg ^____^.

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