The Wonderfully Amazing Prints of Oleg Denisenko

I adore these magical mythic detailed prints made by Ukranian Print Maker Oleg Denisenko. I find them so exquisite in lines,textures and are just charming! They are also very affordable which makes me happy... I just might have to get me one to hang in my house! I heart them! AHHH seeing all the lovely prints so reminds me of my print making days! Etching was my favorite! I also enjoyed working in the beautifully lit print making studio at Parsons....ah memories can be useful sometimes and then they can be dust collectors as well....In life we keep memories of people we have known. They sit like knick-knacks on our minds shelf collecting dust and being mostly useless. Though they are just some how too precious to get rid of...Of course once we get older those knick-knack memories fade away they crack and break and get thrown away... so we cling to the few we have in our heads as we get older as we cling to our lives... not wanting to face the impending end and these knick-knacks bring comfort and distract us from the ugliness of the world. I myself have a zillion knick-knack memories and as useless as they seem to most I try to hold on to them knowing that the small things in life are what make us most happy no matter how nonsensical or foolish they seem. I would like to spring clean my brain though of a couple of dust bunny memories those little nasty ones always find their way around and they are no good... all they do is make you feel bad and sneeze all over your ego.

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