Magic Mind - A silly funny cute old poem of sorts I had written a long time ago...

Magic Mind

Magic is in all of us
No wands, smoke or mirrors
are needed to fuss

Forget about rabbits
jumping from hats
Or floating while
sawing someone in half

Magic beans and magic tricks
Never helped me worth a lick

In fact they all should be a crime
When all they do is waste your time

This I tell you is all true
you can't get home
with the click of your shoe

But you can make it
with some sense
By using your

Learning is magic
when you see something new
Just like the time
when you first tied your shoe

Things that were foggy
become crystal clear
No thanks to a genie
that never was there

It came from inside your magical place
Your brain which is hidden behind your face!

© -Angie Mason 1998

An old illustration of mine....

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tourmalina said...

This is a wonderful poem! I wish I'd read it when I was younger. It should be required reading for the impressionable.