The Tooth Fairy Does Exist...

Years ago I would say around 1996 which is holy shit ten years ago now!!! Well back then I worked as an intern at a puppet company and during that time I brought some of my own puppets to life... One of which was my very own tooth fairy... her name is Ginger Vitus. Having a bit of a tooth fetish since the days when I was a wee toothless child I always enjoyed and obsessed over drawing,collecting and really anything having to do with teeth...doing such things as saving all my wisdom teeth and making them into necklaces. Perhaps my father breaking his jaw when I was a child had something to do with the visual attraction to the both the horror and beauty of teeth.

I made this digital composition of my puppet GInger Vitus and my teeth along with some other strange instruments I have in my collection of nonsensical stuff. This was done around the same time that I gave life to Ginger Vitus. It's always fun looking back and seeing how the present and past meet. The Rotten Tooth Gang are Ginger Vitus's Minions for sure!

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