Song Birds Sing for Springtimes past....

Today I am craving the warm moist feeling of soil between my fingers as the sun warms my brow. The cold deathlike slumber of nature chills my bones and makes me long for insect filled days and hot bird song breezes rustling through the trees. For now I am stuck with this chilled life of slumber too bad I can't crawl into a pod and emerge in the warmth all fresh and new instead I am dry and cracked and frail with sickness taking me in its grip.Funny thing it is longing so often for things you once had but as soon as you get them back you long for the thing you once despised at points. Frigid days do me in but I do love so much about them with their layered sweater and sock days as soup warms bellies and hot fire nights toast toes. The cold does bring about much good just sometimes it's hard to remember when you long for the spell of summer.

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