The Metamorphoses of A Sorceress...

She which is I can be found transforming worlds... Delivering alchemical dreams onto canvas rising up with each brush stroke. Characters are born into lush color and emotional playgrounds where they co-mingle to form a universe with a menagerie of such demented rejected forlorn blissful types.

Nothing is a direct self portrait yet everything is of thyself and is a self portrait in a distant sense yet so close it all is..all the characters seen are characteristics of the creator. Searching for meaning in life through the creation of worlds and characters. The realm of broken creatures, worn out wayfarers and rotten sweet sadness coexist together.

In the sleep walk of days one waits to get to the most important of times, painting,that is when life truly is alive. The quiet existence of mortal men come screaming to life on canvas. Wonder,disappointment, joy and rage are amongst the many that enter into this world.

The visual journey is a necessary one, for existing in the physical world without such deviations would lead to an abrupt ending of life. All meaning would be lost. There is a deep rooted connection of the physical artist to the metaphysical world in which one creates...this metaphysical world is the chosen existence or rather the preferred existence by the artist..thyself.
Having this world be accessible is the key to discovering and experiencing happiness in life.

Breathe life and life breathes the art born out of longing lives on for an eternity as life passes the art extends past our mortal lives and this gives greater meaning, truth and comfort to the fact that all life ends. Time controls most things crushing all in the end yet there is a certain victory felt over time with every completed piece even if its only for a moment longer than I was supposed to exist in this universe.

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